Renewable gas projects

Biogas plant Groen Gas Hensbröek (Hensbröek, The Netherlands)  · HENSBRÖEK

Construction of the biogas plant in Burgemeester Kooimanweg (Hensbröek, The Netherlands), carried out by Biovic consulting, together with Ludan ingeneering.

The plant manages 25.000 tons per year of greenhouse wastes, remains of tulips, manure and other wastes from the agrifood industry.

In this plant, two technologies were combined: biogas upgrading with generation of electric and thermal energy. The facility of biogas upgrading allows the injection of renewable gas into the gas grid.

The biomethane plant injects 500 Nm3/h of renewable gas (4,8 millions of Nm3 per year) and at the same time, it produces 20.000 t/year of fertilizers.

Biogas plant Groen Gas Almere (Almere, The Netherlands) · GOOR

Biovic Consulting developed and assisted during the the construction and start up of the biogas plant located in Almere, The Netherlands. This plant generates energy from wastes through anaerobic digestion. The biogas is upgraded with a technology based on membranes for its injection into the gas grid.

The project incorporates a novelty system of heat recovery from the upgrading system and a CO2 liquefaction system.

The reception system of wastes is located inside a building to prevent smell problems.

The plant produces 800 Nm3/h of renewable gas.

Biogas plant Groen Gas Goor (Goor, The Netherlands) · GOOR

In Goor, The Netherlands, a biogas plant with four digestors and an upgrading system has been constructed, and Biovic participated in the design, construction and start up, in association with the company Ludan.

The reception system of wastes is located inside a building to prevent smell problems.

The plant has a production capacity of 600 Nm3/h of renewable gas that it is injected into the network.

Biogas upgrading plant in Vila-Sana (Vila-Sana, Spain) ·  VILA-SANA

In a joint project with our technological partner Bright Biomethane, specialized in membranes, a pilot project has been performed for the production of renewable gas in Vila-Sana, Lleida. The plant processes 214 Nm3/h of biogas from an agroindustrial biogas plant (ca. 65% of methane) and produces 150 Nm3/h of renewable gas with 95% of methane, recovering the 99,5% of the methane that it is introduced into the system.

The renewable gas plant is part of a technological demonstration project called Life Methamorphosis, coordinated by Aqualia. The project has as partners companies like Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), Naturgy, SEAT, Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and Institut Català d´energia (ICAEN).

The prototype has been installed in the agroindustrial biogas plant of Ecobiogas, property of the pig farm Porgaporcs, located 35 km from Lleida.