Projects of biogas and biomass plants

Vall D´Uixó (Castellón)

Biogas plant of 500 kW

Biovic consulting carried out the design, project execution and start up the biogas plant located in the industrial park “La Mezquita”, in the municipality of Vall d´Uixó (Castellón).

Biovic is also one of the shareholders of the facility.


Repair and modification of the digestion system in the treatment plant of wine wastes in Utiel.

Biovic consulting, together with Ludan engineering, have developed another project consisting in the modification of the existing digestor and gasholder in a waste treatment facility of wine residues.

ESTRELLA LEVANTE (Murcia, Vertedero de Cañada Hermosa)

With a 2300 m3 digestor, the brewery Estrella Levante in Murcia developed a biogas plant that generates 150Nm3/h of biogas. This plant is in the waste treatment facility of Cañada Hermosa, operated by Ferrovial. The biogas is consumed in the CHP of the landfill.

The biogas plant digests sludge from food industries and waste water treatment plats.

Biovic Consulting carried out the successful project (design and project execution)

Biogas plant Agrogiethoorn (Agrogiethoorn, The Netherlands)

Agroindustrial biogas plant with 2MW power. The plant processes different types of sludges, manure, fats from the agrifood industry and byproducts from the biofuels production.

In addition, the plant installed a dryer to dehydrate agrifood byproducts, using the thermal surplus from the CHP unit.

Biovic Consulting participated in the design, project execution and startup of this ambitious project in The Netherlands.

Kernel Export (Los Alcázares, Murcia)

Biovic team has designed and participated in the construction of different projects closely related to the food industry. A good example is the biogas plant of Kernel Export, in Murcia. Kernel export is a big food company dedicated to the production of organic and traditional vegetables, and salads.

This plant has a waste treatment capacity of 30.000 tons per year and generates 180 Nm3/h of biogas that feeds a 370 KWe power unit. The energy is used for self consumption of the industry.

The plant has implemented a vacuum evaporator for the treatment of digestates and a plant to produce fertilizers.

Biogas plant Moerstraten · (Moerstraten, The Netherlands)

Agroindustrial biogas plant with 2MW power. The plant processes manure from cattle, grass silage and corn silage.

Biovic Consulting took part in the design, project execution and startup of this biogas plant located in the Netherlands.

Biogas plant Sologas Galicia · (As Somozas, Galicia)

The biogas plant processes organic and food wastes through anaerobic digestion, with a capacity of 40.000 Tn/year. These wastes are transformed into energy (biogas) and fertilizers.

SOLOGAS manages the 40.000 annual tones of wastes. In particular, 5.000 tones come from WWTP sludge, 7.000 from agrifood industry sludge, 8.000 from animal byproducts, 3.000 from the dairy industry, 3.000 from the canned industry, 4.000 from slurry and 10.000 from landfill leachates and industrial effluents.